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Today's Mobile Homes For Tomorrow's Future    

As stated above, there are many things to consider when it comes to buying your home. Do you need to buy land? What if you have your own land already? Are there any sorts of association fees for having my home built?


All of these questions are valid and a great many depend on your situation. We've compiled a brief document to help make this process easier for you.  

Questions and answers for home buying    

Buying a home can be a scary and confusing process, mixed with some excitement, of course. There are many details and areas that need attention, and it can be very hard to stay on top of everything. Thankfully, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the professionals at Brookwood Homes are here to help you understand everything that's going on and will answer any, and all questions that you may have throughout the home buying process.

Financing information for you      

You can depend on us to help you with many different types of financing so that you have the money you need to buy the home that you want. Get help with the following financing areas:


•  Rural housing

•  FHA

•  Government subsidized

•  VA loans      

What are my options?    

At Brookwood Homes, you can enjoy the freedom of having many different options for your home. Whether you need 2 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms or maybe just 1, everything is at your disposal to choose as you please.


Our process allows you to customize your new home so that it fits perfectly with your plans and personality.      

You can contact us any time that you have a question, and we'll be happy to answer.


Call us today.  

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